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40 years specialized in the production and sales of inorganic fluorine products


Corporate mission: To become a business partner that customers can rely on and become a professional stage for employees to achieve their career
Corporate Philosophy: Customer-centered, employee-oriented, and pursuit of a win-win situation for employees, companies, customers, and society
Corporate management: Use by people, clear division of labor, cultural influence, institutional constraints
Enterprise spirit: unity, development, pragmatism, refinement


Established in 1975, Jinxing was established after the relocation of Changshu Jinxing Chemical Co., Ltd. to Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park, Rudong County, Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of approximately 40,000 square meters and is specialized in the production of high-quality inorganic fluorine series products. Chemical production enterprises exporting; annual output of more than 27,000 tons of "Jin Defu" brand inorganic fluorine products


Nantong Jinxing Fluorides Chemical Co.,Ltd. has passed ISO9000 quality system certification, has the right to import and export, and has experienced professional export sales team. Now it has established long-term stable trade cooperation relationship with more than 50 countries and regions in the world.


Not to regard small things but not to regard them, not to be small but not to behave. Meticulous, careful and meticulous, both for the general requirements of product quality, but also based on the attributes of our corporate industry. Strict spirit is a solid foundation stone for ensuring strong quality and solid safety.


Strict quality management,scientific testing methods,these ensure the products of Jinxing to keep the leading position in the industry.The company has a variety of testing methods for the integration of computer testing system, purchases in a number of high-tech testing equipment such as ICP、laserm particle size analyzer and atomic absorption spectrometer,enabling to ensure the quality of products in every step of the production process.


In recent years,the company has heavily invested in continuous updates and improvements to the production technology and automatic equipment for large scale production,with an experienced team in fluorides production,so as to effectively guarantee the quality and stability of the product.



Nantong Jinxing Fluorides Chemical Co.,Ltd. --People of Jinxing, Keep Moving Forward

Time flies by fast and good memories remain. With the care and support from various groups of our community, Jinxing Fluorides continues its success for more than 40 years as we keep turning challenges into opportunities and embracing changes. On behalf of all of our staff, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all who cared about the development of Jinxing and offered support along the way.
Jinxing was founded in 1975, with only a few products of inorganic salt initially. Since then, Jinxing has grown into a leading domestic manufacturer of inorganic fluorides in China with the capability of large-scale standardized production and the reputation of being professional and innovative.


"Integrity seeks for a win-win situation" is an interpretation of the company's business objectives and intentions and a value-orientation orientation, that is, "customer development, development, social progress, progress."

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Nantong Jinxing Fluorides Chemical Co., Ltd. (Jinxing for short) is a professional chemical enterprise specialized in manufacturing and exporting【MORE】

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With the aim to "make customers more satisfied",
people of Jinxing sincerely look forward to working with you!

Add: Huanghai Er Road,Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park,Rudong County,Nantong city,Jiangsu Province,China.

Post code:226407

General Manager:+86-513-80862666

Foreign trade department:+86-513-80862888, 80865018, 80869018

Domestic trade department:+86-513-80869198, 80865058 , 80869098


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